Pit Viper

Former sidekick with an increasingly warped sense of justice


Str +4
Dex +4
Con +3
Int +1
Wis +1
Cha +1

Toughness +6
Fortitude +6
Reflex +10
Will +6

Defense +14 (dodge 7)
Initiative +8

Attack +11 (lightning fangs), +9 (venomous fangs), +12 (strike), Grapple +12, Damage +9 (lightning fangs), +5 (venomous fangs, versus fortitude), +8 (strike)


At the age of 10, Viper was just a Filipino American orphan who stole to get by. After taking some groceries from a Mafia-controlled business, two associates chased the boy down. They would have likely killed him if not for the intervention of Papa Cobra who easily dispatched the men.

Impressed by the boy’s quickness, Cobra took him under his wing as a sidekick giving him the mantle Baby Viper. Under Cobra’s tutelage, Viper quickly picked up the necessary combat and detective skills to effectively patrol Metro City’s streets.

Cobra and Viper fought together until the sidekick turned 16 and realized he’d become disillusioned with the super hero lifestyle believing the Guild and most of the other heroes of the city to be all flash and no soul. He left Cobra after a falling out with the only father figure he knew and the veteran hero found another Baby Viper to fight with.

About a year later, Cobra and the other Viper unearthed overt evidence of corruption in the Metro City Police Department. The three officers involved in the scandal murdered the duo in cold blood to prevent the evidence from coming to light.

Viper donned his old costume and returned to crime fighting to exact revenge on the three men responsible. He currently holds a reputation as a notorious cop killer and has assumed the title of Pit Viper. Since there was no reconciliation with Papa Cobra before his untimely death, Viper descended into alcoholism and chain smoking due to the lack of closure. The former sidekick’s frustration also stems from the respect Cobra commanded during his tenure and Viper’s tendency to be an angrier, more bitter version of the late crime fighter.

Pit Viper

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