The Siege of Metro City

One Day Ago...

Egg's still in jail, Photonman's in danger, and apparently velociraptors are raping and abusing our citizens!!

After the demons are defeated, the four heroes find themselves facing Jester in the flesh (or so they think). Though they fight valiantly, Jester knocks the heroes out one-by-one until only Channel 4 remains. Jester, revealing that Gale may still be saved, gives Channel three choices. After some deliberation, Channel 4 resolves to bring Jester the head of Photonman to save the reporter’s life.

Jester sends all three to a location near the Guild HQ and everyone realizes that they are one day in the past; a time before the night of Jester’s massacre at Denny’s. The three make their way to the Business District safehouse where Sean Doyle begins preparing the ritual to construct a totem to hide himself from psychic abilities. Offering his companions very little explanation, Channel 4, Megabyte, and Viper proceed to empty the safehouse’s liquor cabinet.

Upon finishing the relic, Sean approaches the Guild Hall where he is promptly confined by the guards. Photonman eventually meets Doyle, a wanted fugitive at this point, and voices his doubts about Jester being alive all this time.

Sean spends the night in jail. After some Texas Hold’em, an intoxicated Viper suggests venturing out to patrol the streets. Channel 4 and Dr. Megabyte emphatically agree and its not long before they see a woman being sexually assaulted by a vagabond Velociraptor and a rusty, Golden Age robot. They easily defeat and humiliate the attackers and the shaken girl returns home.

They return to the safe house and it is during this time that the team name of The Discount Bounty Hunters aka The Hunters aka the Discounters is reluctantly decided on. Megabyte, Channel 4, and Viper drift off to sleep as Sean Doyle tries to remember what the next part of his plan was. The totem has about two hours left in its cycle before Jester, who gave the Bounty Hunters 24 hours to retrieve the head, is able to pinpoint the mystic and uncover his deception.



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