The Siege of Metro City

Enter the Jester

Harlequin motherfucker don't give a fuck

At the safe house, we decide its a good idea to copy the disc and give it to someone we trust as a contingency plan.

Viper speeds off to meet Gale, a hard-hearted reporter type, but on the way Jester makes his first appearance and smashes the bike!

After kidnapping Gale who has the disc, Jester meets Viper at a Denny’s, which has become the scene of a grotesque bloodbath. He offers the heroes a deal; he will help them take down Dr. Ville. Viper refuses arrogantly and Jester disappears into the night.

The next day Sean busts Egg, a known Jester affiliate, out of prison by posing as a guard and ascertains the location of four possible entrances to Jester’s location: the highway, the Villecorp building, the Guild HQ, and another one.

After some short encounters, the four guys and a battlesuited G-man tumble through a portal. One long fall later, they find themselves on a giant chessboard where Jester sends some gigantic pieces after them. The four soon discover that Jester has slit Gale’s throat.

Entering a sewer area, the four find a wall made of maggot-like worms. They antagonize the mass and it attacks in the form a giant tentacle. They dispatch it relatively easily.

After a few more playful taunts from Jester, the heroes are attacked by six demonic apparitions.



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